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RayCam Community Association is a charitable organization operating in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, one of Canada’s poorest postal codes. The Community Association supports the work of RayCam Co-operative Centre which offers programs low cost to youth, families and seniors who live in the area. Programs are geared to meeting the challenges of our community, including food security, safety and the educational, social and recreational needs of our members.

With Cash

Drop off donations during centre hours at 920 East Hastings.

By Check

You can make a tax-deductible donation to the centre. Please make all cheques out to:
RayCam Community Association. If you would like your donation to go to a particular program please let us know!

Many ways to help out!

Our centre supports community members in many ways and there are many ways YOU can support our centre. Whether it’s food for our empty cupboard fund or children’s books, your help is always needed and appreciated!


•Tampons/Kotex pads
•Toilet paper
•Body cream
•Tooth paste
•Tooth brushes
•Dental floss
•Mouth wash

Non-perishable food items

•Peanut butter
•Pancake mix
•Canned vegetables
•Canned fruits
•Granola bars
•Soups (canned or packages)
•Tomato sauce
•Soya sauce
•Jello mix
•Pudding mix
•Maple syrup
•Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
•Salt & Pepper
•Mac n Cheese
•Oil, vinegar
•Cake mix

Household Items

•Dish soap
•Floor cleaner
•Laundry soap
•Dish clothes
•Tea towels
•Paper towels
•Bathroom cleaner
•Mr. Clean, Lysol Cleaning
•Bed sheets (twin, queen)
•Crock Pots (slow cookers)

Gift cards

Grocery gift cards for families

Coffee cards and movie passes which are used as prizes and incentives for participation in educational programs

Baby and Children's Items

•Diapers, variety of sizes
•Pull ups
•Baby wipes
•Baby food
•Baby shampoo
•Diaper rash cream
•Kids coats, sizes 3 and up
•Toys (all ages)
•Kids’ Books
•Art supplies, crayons, paper

General Programs & Services

Ray-Cam provides hundreds of hours of free quality programming for people in our community. Whether it’s cooking programs for families or special events, your donations help make our programs successful.

Youth Education Fund

Our Youth Education Fund helps pay for educational and creative opportunities for learning and success.

Funding amounts vary from $50 to a max of $300 and for a young person this is often the first step in pursuing a bigger goal. YEF’s strength has been the flexibility in allocating funds aand the short turn around time. This meant that in many cases the fund “caught” young people at the right time, helping support their decision to better themselves through educational experiences.

More Information

Some projects which the YEF has supported: Contribution towards the cost of a post-secondary course, purchasing steel-toed boots for trade school,  an educational summer camp, school supplies,as well as refurbished computers for elementary and highschool students with specialized needs.

The Youth Education Fund was created in 2000 by Bill Ekins, a City of Vancouver employee, Since then others joined in contributing to the educational fund including the Hager family who have been major supporters. We are very grateful to everyone who have contributed to this fund and to the young people who have demonstrated leadership and courage in the pursuit of their dreams.

Paul Thomas Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been established to honor the admirable work of Paul Thomas, a beloved RayCam Co-operative Center employee, friend and community leader who passed away in 2016. Paul worked at RayCam Cooperative Center for 20 years as Youth Programmer and was dedicated to the community, to the youth and families he worked with.

Youth aged 17-25 will be eligible to apply for the scholarship with proof of post secondary enrollment. The winner of this award will have known Paul in some capacity and hold characteristics of kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy and will be someone who puts the needs of others before themselves.