What is RayCam Co-operative Centre?

RayCam Cooperative Centre is a centre for the old and young, a place for recreation and social activity where new skills can be learned.  It provided family support services and has 2 day-care centers and out of school care for school aged children.  It’s a place where old friends meet and  where new friends are made.  It has a gym, a games room, a computer lab, after school programs, evening programs, a senior’s lounge and family programs.

To encourage and support community members to utilize their strengths and gifts in the improvement of day to day life of the community

To provide access to recreational, educational, social, cultural and economic programs which advance opportunities and abilities for community members, especially children and youth, and enable them to make successful and fullfilling life choices.

To provide a safe and accepting environment for members of the community.
To facilitate partnerships and achieve community goals

Militant Mothers of Raymur

RayCam Community Centre has a proud history of supporting families and our community. Starting from a movement to protect children crossing the railroad tracks to school, growing into a food co-op and finally into a full-fledged community centre, the spirit of the militant mothers of Raymur has been a guiding force in our work.

In 1971, many mothers, living at Stamps Place Housing, were worried about their children crossing the railway tracks on their way to Seymour School.  The Canadian Pacific Railway promised the mothers the train would not run during the times the kids went to and from school.  The train company broke their promise!  So, the mothers and some children put up tents on the railway tracks.  A few mothers even got arrested and went to jail for a short time.

The story was covered in the Vancouver Sun and the Georgia Strait.  Finally, the mothers won their fight!  An overpass was built so the kids could walk safely to school.

It is thanks to the bravery of these mothers that we have the overpass.