2020-2021 Board of Directors

Ariadne Armond
Andrea Esslemont
Robin Garcia
Jennifer Guest
Lorelei Hawkins
Gina Hawkins
Diane Johnston
Debbie Krull
Ruby Langan
Judy McGuire
Sherry Murray
Penny Parry
Amanda Pollicino
Rosie Shandil
Cassandra Simeon
Annie Su
Dennis Jr Tallio
Linda Tallio
Helen Van Wart
Donald Wadhams
Guy Wakeman
Rui Ling Zhou

General Information

You can help make a difference

Helping to develop programs and opportunities at the Centre
Responding to community needs
Sharing your gifts and talents with the community
Working as part of a team and influencing decisions in and about the community
As a Board Member you will play an important role working as part of a larger network of community organizations to address issues and needs that are larger than a single organization e.g. Childcare, Food security

What does a Board member do:

A total of 20 directors make up the Board of the society. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A personnel Liaison is also selected each term.
The Directors are required to act in a capacity for the benefit of the Association as a whole. They should not act out of any interest for personal gain. They help ensure programs and services reflect community needs and have been given responsibility to manage the Centre and attached property.
The Directors generally act on the basis of recommendations of Centre committees, Councils, project or task groups, member, partners and staff after examining the recommendations to ensure the following:

– They are legally correct
– They are consistent with the existing rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Associations.
– They are in accordance with defined objectives.
– They will be in the long-term interest of the Association in meeting its goals in the community.

Board Members should

a) Have a commitment to and understanding of the purpose, policies and programs of the organization
b) Represent the organization in the community
c) Serve in a volunteer capacity, without remuneration or profit
d) Be an active member of a committee, project or task group
e) Know and maintain lines of communication between the Board and Staff
f) Support and participate in Fund-raising
g) Participate in recruiting new board members and volunteers
h) Be regular and punctual to meetings and give early notice if unable to attend
i) Do your homework on issues and read relevant materials before meetings when possible
j) Notify the Board chairperson well before the meeting if you wish an item placed on the agenda
k) Maintain Board business confidentiality.