Open to both teens and adults. Learn basic digital photography.

Registration is required. Membership is required for use of the darkroom.

  • Darkroom is for community use only
  • Valid Centre membership is required prior to booking the darkroom
  • Darkroom orientation with the photography instructor must be completed prior to booking the darkroom
  • Darkroom fee for personal use: $5 for 2.5—3 hour session
  • Darkroom fee for professional use: $8 for 4—5 hour session
  • Darkroom fees must be paid prior to using the darkroom
  • RayCam supplies all chemicals needed to develop film and photos. Under no circumstances are outside chemicals to be used in the darkroom.
  • RayCam does not supply photo paper
  • Maximum 2 times/per week rental
  • All darkroom participants are responsible to keep darkroom clean and tidy
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in loss of darkroom privileges