• All Family Programs are free or low-cost and provide access to educational, recreational and social activities for families and their children in the Downtown Eastside area.
  • Our programs recognize that “family” means different things to different people and we welcome all parents/guardians/and caregivers to attend family programs with the children in their lives.
  • Our programs strive to create a respectful environment that empowers families to learn and teach new skills while building their support systems.
  • All programs are drop-in and do not require registration (unless otherwise specified)
  • A meal is provided during most programs.
  • We ask that all families(parents/guardians/caregiver and their children) have a centre membership which is free.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers and their children must attend program together.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers must supervise their children at all times during family programs. (Family program staff does not provide child-minding during family program, unless otherwise specified)