Our Model & Style of Delivery

RayCam Cooperative Centre has adopted the following themes and core values as guiding principles for organizational style and program delivery.

Capacity Building

A capacity-building approach develops programs and activities based on the capacities, skills, and assets of residents and their neighborgoods, providing opportunities for individuals to enhance and use their own abilities.

Place Based

A place-based approach assures that programs come from the community, are accessible in their neighborhood or surrounding community area, and fit in with community values and style.

Community Engagement

Relationships and understanding are built through sharing experiences and developing opportunities to work together for the common good.


Incorporates the aspirations of urban Indigenous people for active inclusion and meaningful participation in the neighborgoods and city in which they live.  Reconciliation is inclusion, engagement, listening, collaboration and commitments to make a change and working differently to be inclusive and reflective. It is about creating a new culture together.


Including and reflecting the wise variety of community members who choose to make this community home.  To provide opportunities, programs and services; to help create a sense of neighborliness: and to strengthen, support and assisting the positive growth of individuals, family and community life.  Inclusion is about building community.