Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre offers internet access and computer use to community members.

By using Ray-Cam computers you agree to abide by the centre’s code of conduct and following rules:

    • No downloading files, games, music and software without staff authorization
    • No installing software on computers without staff authorization
    • No hacking
    • No harassing other users locally or remotely
    • No racist, sexist or homophobic behaviours
    • No online bullying
    • No gambling
    • No online purchasing
    • No selling of goods
    • No adult sites
    • No games where people kill people

 Rules specifically for younger users

    • You must be 13+ to use Facebook in keeping with Facebook rules
    • You can only use computers for two hours a day. We’ve got lots of other fun stuff to do!

This code exists for the benefit of all users and to help keep our computer lab and computers safe and accessible for all users. Users who violate this code of conduct will have their computer use revoked for the day and possibly longer depending on the severity of the violation.