“ People live in communitiesRay-Cam Centre has adopted a Community Development Model using Community Capacity Building principles as the basis for organizational style and program delivery.
Capacity Building: the model of delivery we are using is based on community capacity building as defined by the Aspen Institute (1996).
“ People live in communities but the real importance of ‘living in a community’ is that people and groups of people develop the ways and means to care for each other, to nurture individual talents and leadership that enhances the quality of community life, and to tackle the problems that threaten the community and the opportunities which can help it.
When people do these things, communities become healthy; when they do not, communities deteriorate. Communities that have the ways and means to undertaken challenges demonstrate ‘capacity’. Without capacity, communities are merely collections of individuals acting without concern
for the common good; they are really not communities in any meaningful sense, but have given way to negative conditions like apathy, poverty, or ineptitude.”