Our Place is one where all children will have a right to a safe, nurturing and healthy environment that promotes optimal growth and development. As community organizations, parents, citizens we are committed to ensuring that this right is realized in Vancouver’s Inner-City.

The Project Vision:

Neighborhoods’ where children and their families are exposed to a wide variety of early childhood and family enrichment opportunities; where children and their families have access to needed resources that promote their full inclusion; where school readiness is the norm. Neighborhoods’ that are inclusive, just, and compassionate, Neighborhoods’ that value and support children, youth and families.


Our Place has organized teams each taking the lead on strategic actions in one of the key result areas:

 1. Improved Child Health

  1. Children are physically healthy
  2. Children are emotionally healthy
  3. Children with special needs are identified early and linked to appropriate services and supports
  4. Children have regular access to nutritional food

2. Enhanced Child Development

  1. Children have access to high quality child care and early childhood education
  2. Children are school ready and meet developmental milestones
  3. Children with special needs experience a smooth transition to the public school system
  4. Early childhood educators have a supportive network and opportunities for professional development

3. Improved Family Functioning

  1. Families support their children’s social, cognitive and physical development
  2. Families provide nurturing and positive emotional support for their children
  3. Families are connected to a supportive community

4. Improved Systems of Care

  1. Funding and services to young children and their families are better coordinated, contiguous and leveraged
  2. Greater knowledge and utilization of evidence-based practices among practitioners
  3. Greater support and resources for children and families in the community

5. Social Justice*

  1. Enhanced empowerment and self-determination for children and families
  2. Parents advocate for their children’s access to required programs and services
  3. Full citizenship and participation in the community

6. Economic Well-Being*

Outcome goals to be developed at Forum in June 2013
* New Target areas-2012 being incorporated.