raven_posterJoin us for a FREE performance of Raven Meets The Monkey King by the Axis Theatre Company.
When: Saturday, June 4th 2016 at 1:30 pm
Where: Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre
Workshops featuring Physical Theatre and Traditional Dance starting at 10:15 am. Open for all ages!
Pre-register and join us for lunch at 604.257.6949
This will be the last chance to see RAVEN MEETS THE MONKEY KING as it concludes Axis’ touring season !

An inquisitive 11-year-old, JJ, dreams of becoming a treasure hunter and hits the jackpot when she buys a mysterious box from a garage sale. Inside the box she finds an authentic Raven mask wrapped in an old Chinese opera poster. Eager to be rich and famous, she approaches a junk dealer who tells her the artifacts are fakes, yet still wants to buy them. Suspicious, JJ refuses to sell. The spirits of the Raven and the Monkey King, both renowned tricksters – respectively in First Nations and Chinese cultures – teach JJ that the value of money pales in comparison to the emotional value these objects hold for their rightful owners.
Past and present, history and legend all join together in an exuberant tale of how our lives are transformed by the people we meet, the choices we make and the stories we tell.