The Youth Education Fund: Providingrecreational, educational, social and cultural opportunities for children and youth in the Downtown Eastside
Our Youth Education Fund helps pay for educational and creative opportunities for learning and success.
The Youth Education Fund was created in 2000 by Bill Ekins, a City of Vancouver employee, after talking to Ray-Cam staff about ways to support young people in the community. Since then others joined in contributing to the educational fund including the Hager family who have been major supporters. Over the years the Youth Educational Fund has helped many recipients in pursuing their goals. Funding amounts vary from $50 to a max of $300 and for a young person this is often the first stepin pursuing a bigger goal. YEF’s strength has been the flexibility in allocating funds as long there is a learning/educational component present and the short turn around time from the time a young person approaches Ray-Cam to a decision being made. This meant that in many cases the fund “caught” young people at the right time, helping support their decision to better themselves through educational experiences.
Some projects which the YEF has supported:

  • Contribution towards the cost of a post-secondary course
  • Purchasing steel-toed boots for a young person learning a trade
  • Contribution towards an educational summer camp.
  • School supplies
  • Refurbished computers from Reboot Vancouver for elementary and highschool students with specialized needs.

We are very grateful to Bill Ekins and the other supporters who have contributed to this fund and to the young people who have demonstrated leadership and courage in the pursuit of their dreams.