Youth Incentive Program

Today a Learner Tomorrow a Leader

What is YIP?

The Youth Incentive Program gives youth ages 10-18 a chance to volunteer around RayCam, gaining valuable experience for when they are ready to enter into the workforce. There are many different programs they can assist with from childcare to computers, customer service and food preparation. There are also many opportunities for extra training such as Food Safe, Babysitter Training etc. The bonus for participating in this volunteer based program is a monthly honorarium to acknowledge the time you have dedicated to RayCam.

Want to learn new skills and get work experience?
Need a little spending money?

The Youth Incentive Program (YIP) gives youth aged 10-18 a chance to volunteer at RayCam, in a variety of positions, and to earn small financial honorariums each month as an acknowledgment of the time and effort they have dedicated to RayCam.
It all starts with filling out an application, available at, and returned to, the front desk. After that, Marni McMullen, the program coordinator will call you to schedule an interview to talk about potential placements. Positions include front desk, childcare, computer room, and program support. We typically require a commitment of 2-4 hours, once or twice a
week. There are also opportunities to attend workshops and help out at special events, resulting in additional honorariums. Ask to speak to Marni for more info!

Contact Marni for further details at 604-257-6949